My Want List, Lets Trade

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My Want List, Lets Trade

Post  jstanford on Fri Feb 17, 2012 5:53 pm

Hey guys, I haven't traded in a while and I have tons of stuff from pretty much any team. I have football and baseball (a little basketball). tons of rookies, inserts, some autos and game used.
I am interested in Florida State Seminoles Auto or game used stuff. even the crappy ones that never made it to the nfl. Am also interested in older Chiefs, Raiders, or Dolphins. As far as baseball goes, i need 5 cards to finish my 1961 set, but interested in Braves or any 1961 oddball stuff. If you have some of this stuff, let me know what you are looking for and that will give me a reason to go through and find some stuff

thanks jimmy


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