Introduction and board rules - please read first -- CHANGES MADE 3/2/13 to tie breaker rule.

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Introduction and board rules - please read first -- CHANGES MADE 3/2/13 to tie breaker rule.

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 28, 2011 3:52 pm

Welcome to Erik's SportsCards of Dover. This forum was created mainly as a result of ebay's unwillingness to allow case and box breaks to be sold through their site. Their loss however is our gain. Since we no longer have to pay the fees of ebay, we can sell these lots to you at a better price. Our feedback on ebay was and still is perfect...100% happy customers. Please know that you will continue to be provided with our best customer service in each and every break. Many of you have followed me here first from ebay and then our email list. I think this forum will make it a great place to do business and allow the members to interact with each other. That in turn should make the live breaks more enjoyable for all!

You will need to register in order to post in any thread. By doing this it will make it much easier for us to track who has which team. Feel free to start with a new userid or if it is easier use the one that you use on ebay. Your choice.

So, what is a case break or box break? - Case breaks are a newer concept in sports card collecting. By joining a case break you purchase all the cards for your team from an entire case of cards or the specified number of boxes. All teams are paid PRIOR to the cards being opened. By doing this each buyer splits the cost of a case and only gets cards for the teams that interest them. For example if you are a Boston Red Sox fan you may not be thrilled with hitting a Colorado Rockies auto card. And try to sell it on ebay with the other hundreds exactly like it and you will likely get little money for it. Now magnify your purchase to several boxes or cases and you might shell out hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for a full case and not get any of the cards you are looking for. To make it even better for you, if you are a fan of a team that is not a big market team, you may be able to get your share of the cards for a much, much better price.

In the end though, what you really want are certain cards. Why put out $1000 or more for a full case in hopes of cards from one or two teams? Just buy the rights to those teams and when we open the cards they are all yours regardless of how big a hit we get. Obviously, there are at times, cards with players from different teams on the card. When this happens we utilize the tie breaker rule listed below.

So how do you know you will get all the cards? Obviously any online purchase carries a certain "risk". However, please feel free to check my feedback on ebay at feedback. Also feel free to ask other buyers for their opinions on our breaks. Just post your question in one of our threads and I am sure one of our regulars would be happy to answer your question. All breaks are filmed and streamed live online. Recorded versions are also availabe to view after the break. And most of all, a dishonest breaker will not stay in business long. I've run this site for over a year (almost three years of case breaks) and have been getting busier and busier despite having no real website or form of advertising. I have relied completely on word of mouth.

Breaks are also great for card store owners and show dealers. You know you sell mostly the cards from your local market. Why risk busting an entire case, spending all the time sorting and pricing, only to find out you didn't get enough value to cover the entire cost of the case. Busting cases is a risky business at best. Buy just your local teams and then move the cards at a faster pace and premium price. And do you really want to spend hours on ebay trying to move the cards that your local buyers don't want? Take the payroll out of your hands.

Please, if you have specific Questions please ask them.

A few simple rules:
1. No profanity, violence, sexual material or any other objectionable material will be tolerated. We have too much to do to play baby sitter. You will simply be banned.

2. This is our forum to do business and although we want you all to interact and even perhaps trade single cards, this site is not for you to recruit buyers to your own site. Any advertising or links leading people to other sites will be removed and the poster banned. If you do choose to trade cards with one and other we are not responsible for cards that don't arrive or bad transactions. Get to know your trading partner. Perhaps start smaller. If a trade is successful let everyone know. That will help to build trust in that poster.

3. Any and all purchases of box/case breaks are through Paypal. Invoice must be paid prior to break or you forfeit your spot. All sales are final. You all understand what a box/case break is...meaning there are no guarantees as to who will get the hits. There will be no refunds due to being unhappy with the card selection. Your payment of the invoice is your agreement to this policy.

4. Tie Breaker Rule -
a. First tie breaker is the buyer with the most players on the card
b. Second tie breaker is between any buyers still tied after #1 and goes to the buyer who paid the most money for the teams that they purchased and are represented on the card. Here is a quick example. Buyer A has one team with two players represented on a quad card. Buyer B has two teams represented on the same quad card but they are from different teams. Then we compare the price of buyer A's team to the total of the two teams buyer B has on the card. Whoever has the higher total will get the card. Let's say buyer A spent $200 on their team and buyer b bought team 1 for $83 and team 2 for $120 then the card would go to buyer b since their total of $203 is greater than buyer A's total of $200.
c. If there is still a tie after a&b then the card goes to the buyer who purchased the most number of teams for the overall case break (if we are breaking multiple cases this only includes the case in question).
d. If there is still a tie after a, b and c then the card will be randomed off between tied buyers using

***Inserts that come up multiple times and are not "hits - meaning not serial numbered, not jersey, not auto, but are just plain inserts" will rotate back and forth between teams on the card.

e. Any unsold team will be considered "sold" to the seller. Seller will be eligible for any tie breakers. This is new, so please make note of this. I need to protect my investment and have lost too many top cards that should have gone to an unsold team. If I don't do this then I must increase prices of the top 20 teams by nearly 15-20%.

5. Listings will be either auction or buy it now. Auctions will be clearly stated with a start and end time. Auctions will start at the low end of what I am willing to sell a team for. Final price will be determined by bidders.

Buy it now will be first come first serve. Generally buy it nows will be started with higher price points on a whole, and as teams sell I will adjust the price down on the remaining teams IF I am ahead on pricing. If you feel lucky wait for your team's price to drop, but if you wait too long you might lose it to another buyer.

Most payments are due within 2 weeks, however if a break is more than a month away I may send an invoice for a later due date. If break is closer than 2 weeks then invoice is due immediately. Failure to pay will result in you losing the team, hits and your spot. I will relist for another buyer. If a break starts and you haven't paid then you are no longer the buyer even if you pay a minute after the break starts.

6. Most of all have fun.

All breaks will continue to be done live through Ustream and recorded versions will be there as well. I can also load them to YouTube if that helps. I will post a link after the break to the recorded version for those that miss the live break. As time permits I will try to add in a few pictures of our best hits as well.

I hope you all enjoy the forum.

Please feel free to offer your suggestions and criticisms. We want to make this the best experience possible for you all.

Thank you!


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